“I work with abused and traumatised men and women. I take them from survival mode into living mode where they find their wisdom, courage and inner power to create new beliefs to build a beautiful life. I Skype all over the world.” – Roger King

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Learn to Handle Jealousy

People often come to me feeling controlled by partners in adult relationships. And the biggest cause is jealousy. The feelings of jealousy often arise in early family emotional patterns.

Consequently, if we don’t uncover such feelings and beliefs, this can lead to many break ups in marriages and loving relationships of any type or sexual orientation.

If a sister is jealous of a brother, because he gets more love from a mother or father, or both, then this unconscious emotional pattern by the grown woman, can be taken into adult intimate relationships.

We can project angry jealous feelings to a partner that comes from anger at a father or mother. Sometimes we may often attract a person like our father or mother, by what we believe unconsciously. Who wants to marry their father or mother? Read more...

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