Love The Miracle YOU Are

I feel privileged to give talks or write books around the subject of learning to love you, the real authentic YOU!

Over 50 years of listening to many souls as a counsellor and working on myself, I have found true excitement, as each one of us learns to rebirth the authentic mind, body and soul inside each one us.

Each soul journey is different. Yet there are some common wise steps that each of us shares as we truly explore our meaning and purpose in this life on earth.

First, we are all connected mentally, spiritually and physically to each other and connected to this earth.

Second, we are so much more powerful as we go to a power within us, that opens us to our higher self. A self that we have often neglected. A wiser energy that we listen to and feel prompted by in relationships, in work, in who we choose to be intimate with. How we parent, what and how we eat and drink.

Third, this power begins to prompt us to meditate, to ask and listen with incisive questions. It keeps us honest and directs us to a true energy much larger than we can even imagine.

This energy whispers to us in dreams and waking moments to truly wake up and feel loved, even when others don’t understand us.

Fourth, this energy directs us to teachers, to books, to exercise, to better health, to learning how to think and speak. This energy dissolves excuses and dissolves limitations set early in childhood.

Fifth, a new self-esteem and self-compassion opens us to find pleasure in giving and receiving without wanting approval. When we stop blaming our parents, and others, we don’t need everyone else’s approval, we become freer to forgive, think and heal ourselves from the prison of past and not fear the future. We live in the power of now.

Six, this energy opens new doors, new experiences, travel, or just keeps life very simple. Like a radiant flower we attract the right bees, people who come and learn from us and we from them.

Seven, we learn to touch others, with genuine intentions of wise love. We become conduits of creative and kind energy with very little ego.

Eight, we open moment-by-moment old doors of wisdom by being prompted to listen when challenges come. We know perfection is not our path, healing on many levels or awareness and consciousness is our path.

Nine, we work with rich and poor. All shapes and sizes, ages, nationalities, genders. There becomes fewer and fewer judgements and stereotypes.

Ten, we give thanks for this life and leave feeling an unconditional love for all living energies and wait for the next adventure, past this life.

My love roger