Life Happens

Life Happens: with tragedy, depression, bereavement, burn out, divorce, eating disorders, debt, unemployed, addictions, loneliness, sexual abuse, etc.

I am 69 years old, I have been a therapist/counsellor for 40 years. I live near Hallifax, Yorkshire, UK and I Skype/FaceTime with clients all over the world. People come to me and pay me money to listen and pay attention to them and do what I can to help. My service is to help people say what is truthfully happening in their lives. I work with any gender/sexually orientated souls. I often have professionals with super critical minds who are perfectionists. I help people to stop hiding and lying. I love to help people get out of their personal jail, by becoming radically honest and free. I am a person centred listener. You can contact me on +44 (0) 7776426168. (Mobile friendly: +447776426168)

I am on Facebook and I am the author of ‘Warrior Love’ and ‘Love The Miracle You Are’. My latest book is, ‘A Little Book of Love‘.

I look forward to hearing from you. Roger