Journey To Self Love

“The whole world can love you, but that love will not make you happy. What will make you happy is the love coming out of you.”— Don Miguel Ruiz

I love the affirmation standing with arms wide open: the uinverse notices.

“I am open and receptive to all good”

How does that feel. Do you want to let all good in?

My personal steps/suggestions to finding the love in you – the authentic you.

1. Become willing to let go all criticism & blame of self and others

To help us love our true self and life, the less we judge ourselves negatively and others, the easier it is, to make creative and positive changes in our life. Remember the Ho’oponopono healing mantra:

I am sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you.

Forgiveness is so much stronger than blame.

Note: If I have continual negative thoughts and self-hatred, this creates harmful negative critical thoughts which in turn create harmful Neuropeptides being sent to every cell in our body, which can be equally toxic in all people’s bodies.

‘We are all born equal.’

When somebody said this, I couldn’t believe it, because there are some rich, poor, stupid, clever, nasty and wise people, but when I realised thoughts are always going through each person’s mind. On average we think 69,000 a day. If they are bad, critical, negative thoughts, this will harm everybody equally.

What we think today creates tomorrow’s reality.

If we make ourselves bad, then we make others bad and life becomes tough.

From listening to people for years, the base line self-criticisms are:

‘I am not good enough.

I shouldn’t have been born.

I am not as clever as my sister/brother.

I am not loveable.

I was rejected/abandoned etc.

I always fail at relationships.

2. Let go thoughts of fear. When we fear ourselves and life, we attract more fear and anxiety. As we learn to love ourselves we build self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem

We either come from scarcity or abundance. When people truly love themselves they come from abundance. They build a good financial platform. This is especially true for women as well as men.

3. Gratitude

Wake with thoughts of gratitude.

I will lie in bed and be grateful for my bed, my breath, home, relationships, friends, family, health, my body, my car, my money, my love of life. This starts the day with such good energy.

4. Feed your mind and body with positive thoughts and nutritious food and beverages daily


“I know that I am vibrantly healthy. I exercise, dance and serve others with my work and being professional as a counsellor.”

I choose to be a vegan and raw vegan.

I belong to a movement of new awareness around animal welfare which helps heal our environment and our personal health.

5. Creativity

Be positively creative.

Find and use your talents.

Otherwise we can be negatively creative in gossip/ thought, word and deed.

This vibration comes back to us multiplied.

I know I have the capacity for vengeance for all kinds of events and people in the past. Yet to forgive them with love, increases personal health. (Do not listen to the news before bed. Otherwise you take negativity into sleep)

6. Build a strong spiritual practice. I am not religious, yet I love to be spiritual through meditation

I love to feel connected to all of life. I feel divinely guided and protected, especially in tough times.

7. Keep a desire to learn more today than before

Be willing to shine forgiveness and wisdom into the dark corners of the self and work on those areas to clean places which don’t serve us or others. Personally, I do my best to send out a positive thought each day through social media.

8. Embrace change and life shocks, with kindness and patience

Life shocks such as divorce, death of a friend/partner, rejection etc.

Be willing to learn the lessons.

Become aware and more conscious so we can transform our pain into growth, not depression.

9. Be in touch with nature and make joy and happiness the centre of your mind, body and soul

10. Let go of any early limiting beliefs, give yourself time to build new positive ones

This helps us not to be in the powerless triangle of victim, persecutor, or want rescuing. Become positively addicted to learning how to love yourself, and give this love to life.

When we love ourselves from a place of increasing consciousness we dissolve this codependent drama triangle.

11. Mirror work in the morning. Look into your eyes and say:

“I love you! How can I look after you today and have some fun?” Then listen and act.

12. Integrity

Keep your word with people and especially yourself. (I will not agree to anything now, if I don’t want to keep my word and follow through.)

It is difficult to trust others if you don’t trust yourself. Affirm:

“I trust life. All life loves and supports me.”

13. Mindfulness

Live as much in the power of now. This moment is precious.

Love yourself now. Don’t wait for the right partner, job, loss of weight. Let go of being a perfectionist. Live and love life now.

14. Do Affirmations daily with faith – and with a sense of humour

My favourites

“Everything comes to me easily and all will be revealed to me at exactly the right time and in the perfect space sequence.

All life loves and supports me. Everything I touch prospers.

I radiate love wherever I go. And so it is.

Loving life comes through loving yourself, by reclaiming your inner power and with increasing honesty and truth in thought, word and deed. Lastly remember, when we make mistakes, be willing to clean it up quickly. Be open and honest to the truth and listen to wise counsel and build your intuitive wisdom.

My last thought from Miquel Ruiz

When you love your true self, your effort is really for everyone, because your joy, your happiness, your peace, and your heaven are contagious. When you are happy, the people around you are happy too, and it inspires them to change their own world.

My love, Roger

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