Imagine Freedom

I work with souls who are in abusive mental, emotional, spiritual and often sexually exploitive relationships.

By deep listening, patience and love, I ask the abused soul, when it feels right, to repeat this affirmation hundreds/thousands of times?

“I am willing to love myself enough to set myself free of abuse. And so it is!”

This simple positive prayer/affirmation, said in front of a mirror, opens a healing process. Repeated, with growing conviction, its powerful message goes deep into the subconscious mind, (which has been numbed over years into submission) to accept abuse, as an unalterable imprisoning reality.

This nugget of truth, leads a person to imagine what it would be like, to be free! A vital step in opening new doors towards freedom & healing.

The hurt inner ‘genius child’ gradually becomes brave and wise! Where love of self is greater than fear. Then the truth sets the soul free!

The person begins to empower themselves to be believed and action takes place. I love seeing and feeling souls becoming free, through loving the miracle they truly are, and who feel they deserve a whole new life. And so it is.

My love, roger