Generating Power for Personal Change

People often ask me; how do you work with souls who are searching for self?

The way I work is to be real, as a person. I do my best never to treat the person before me as an object, or be the so called ‘expert’. If I do, I become part of the problem and become an obstacle to that person’s growth. I do my best not to label or categorise, if I can help it.

I believe that in the private reality of each unique soul, there is a vast untapped actualising process for self-understanding.

I do my best to give the person unconditional regard, and listen with genuine empathy, reflecting back my insights, that the person can reject or accept.

I am always learning with that person. I find this builds a unique climate of trust, that resonates with a person’s inner world.

This unique journey, I believe can facilitate a human soul to identify and dissolve obstacles to their growth on many emotional, physical and spiritual levels, and gradually increases their capacity for high self-regard and nurturing the miracle of their creative life purpose.

For me each journey can be a mutual learning between two aware and conscious persons. This path is such a gift of wisdom and insights of love shared between two growing souls.

I also know that If I choose to keep learning and changing, I rebirth my own congruency and transparency, with what I ask of another soul to be and do.

I can only travel and take a person as far as I am willing to go myself, in self discovery.

My love roger