Often we want everybody else to change so we don’t have to change. Well now it’s you and me that need to change. But Why? and more important HOW?

This is roger I just want to share my thoughts around embracing change.

Why change?

Often we change because we have a crisis that we created. Yet often blame others. It’s called denial. “Nothing is permanent!” As my friend Anne reminded me today.

It could be a divorce, a physical disease in our body, so we are forced to change or leave the planet early. A myriad of challenges can lead us to ‘embrace’ change.

People who come to me as a counsellor/coach often ask:

“I really don’t know how to change, can you help me?” and add, “All I know is my life is not working, I am unhappy because….”

All I do is assist a process of going within to a wise and often buried power within us, to alchemise pain from the past and maybe the present. And teach you how to love your complete life by learning simple steps moving from fear to love.


If we are willing and follow certain steps we make huge headway, and the process becomes a joy!

If we choose to resist, WE OFTEN DO BECAUSE WE WONT LET GO OF OLD NEGATIVE HABITS and BELIEFS easily. It takes much longer and we make the process harder. In 40 years of helping souls ‘love the miracle they truly are,’ it can be such a rewarding experience. YOU ARE NOT ALONE in what can appear a scary world.


The more we can be directed to better health in mind, body and soul, increasingly we can be directed to more prosperity in every area of our life, in relationships, where we live, work and lifestyle balance and of course money.

Once we make the decision to grow our awareness and positively vibrate in thought, word and deed, we will transform our lives with the LAW OF ATTRACTION working with us. The Universal Intelligence allows us to flow down the stream of life and no longer fight up stream.

People, books and enlightening experiences will actually create a different universe inside our mind & body, a powerful intention of forgiveness and kindness will thrive in our vibration.


We only need to make small changes moment-by-moment and each day, just a few degrees, by gradually changing our thoughts and especially what comes out of our mouth.

When we make free choices to do this we connect to an intelligence that is amazingly supportive, and we learn to give thanks from a deep open heart in our mind.


When I go to fruit festivals or dance camps, I see young people deciding to make a changes in their physical diet. Yet this brings about change in their mental and emotional diet. This assists them to connect to a spiritual wisdom within and around them. They may drop out of formal education, however they drop into being human examples of being LOVE, LOVEABLE AND LOVED. Plus so creative with social media and permaculture and how to live and parent in communities of cooperation.

I love learning from young people, because they question and see life afresh, and these young people are the future.

I will leave the planet soon, but you young souls will be here to bring up your children or be what you need to be, and do, with a whole new awareness, consciousness, so transform your life to synchronise with nature and all life. YOU ARE THE NEW LEADERS.

Change can be truly positive and authentic. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, including what you tell yourself.

The more you see life as a series of LESSONS life becomes so fruity!

No matter what you are facing now, remember go within and ask: preferably with arms wide open!

“What is it in me, I need to change and let go of, to find a deeper authentic love of self and life?”

“Who do I need to forgive to set myself free to be me?”

“What do I need to Learn and Give to life?“ The answers will come in strange ways, be patient

SUGGESTION: Say and learn to sing with no embarrassment the simple, yet strong affirmation a thousand times, especially when doubt comes into your mind.

“I love & approve of myself. And so it is.”

Preferably looking into mirrors. Mirror work is so powerful.


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