A Little Book of Love

A Little Book of Love by Roger KingRoger’s latest book, A Little Book of Love, is a small (size A6) pocket book.

“I write this book, not in chapters, just days. I suggest you could read it day by day and follow my process of being on retreat in El Medano Tenerife, a very wild and windy place, full of life and love.

“A little ‘love book’ sharing lessons from fun to tough life experiences. Plus insights gleaned from years of daily counselling and coaching relationships.

“The simple goal is to return our mind, body and spirit from fear to love, so we can be free inside to love well and openly.

“All I want to do is create a world where it’s safe to love our self and each other, so we can bring children into this world feeling loved.”

Roger eating fruitA Little Book of Love, is aimed at all people who feel they aren’t loveable, or feel they are too hurt from previous relationships, or a death of a loved one. This book helps you, love life again, by feeling and thinking simple yet powerful thoughts.

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Warrior Love

Warrior Love by Roger KingRoger asks a question we may find truly challenging: Could humanity make a huge shift in consciousness and realize we are more naturally polyamorous than monogamous?

In this narrative, a vulnerable story emerges when Roger and his partner separate. With heartfelt anger, love, and wisdom, Roger unveils his inner secret, admitting he is a polyamorous man – he loves more than one woman.

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Roger is also author of, Love The Miracle You Are and you can hear him reading excerpts from this book here.