Book Reviews

“Good morning Roger I have read your book.  As I read page after page, I found I cried, for the lady who had been abused who needed to write to you about it to help her free her self of inner anguish, I smiled over the map situation, where the simplistic thinking of a child was to build the man.  I also found myself looking at my life and the daily demons that I struggle with, I was married to a very abusive man for 24 years, training as a beautician and a holistic therapist allowed me to open up Heaven Sent and to spread my love to my clients. I have just set up another business walking dogs, boarding them and also doggy day care, I give my love to these dog. Your book of love has made me realise that I need to find a way of letting go of my anger towards my ex husband to find  inner love, this I will work on. Thank you, love Sally”

“When our hearts are loving towards ourselves – we are open, receptive and loving to others. This little book of love is a wonderful reminder and a practical guide of how to live happier days. I keep it on my bedside table – to read a snippet every morning. A reminder before I start my day. Thank you Roger” – Shelley, London

“This book has been written from the heart. Easy to read, in day-by-day instalments, A Little Book of Love challenges your everyday thinking to be the best person you can be. Warm, funny and authentic.” – Paula Dalton