A Little Book of Love




I write this book not in chapters’ just days! I suggest you could read it day by day and follow my process of being on retreat in El Madeno, Tenerife – a very wild and windy place, full of life and love.

A little ‘love book’ sharing life lessons, from fun to tough life experiences. Plus insights gleaned from years of daily counselling and coaching relationships.

The simple goal is to return our mind, body and spirit from fear to love.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel love when we hear or watch news, or we face our own daily life and cope with personal lessons in life. This little ‘love book’ is full of fun stories and beautiful illustrations.

I wrote,”feel and be love” while on a three month retreat in Tenerife.

I take good risks holding out my hand and hopefully authentically smile from deep inside and say, “Hola”, to strangers, from homeless rovers to locals and tourists. Then sit and listen to their life stories.

I love to live in warmer climates, as I grow older, to watch and feel love with revitalised senses. This stimulates me to write in lovely cafés by the sea, or in strange bars, or even hotel lobbies.

I believe, whatever our conditioning from the past or present circumstances, we can make choices to feel and be love, instead of fear, harsh judgement, grumpiness, and leave the planet full of regrets and with the feeling ‘I should have done…’

I ask: “Would you want to ‘feel love’ and ‘be love’, more often than you do now?”

After reading this little ‘love book’, would you choose to share what helps you feel and be love? Your story may touch and stimulate somebody to love and heal his or her life.

Each day I post an insight and positive thought on social media, so your thoughts could be important to others on this beautiful earth.

Deep thanks to family, friends and teachers. You all know who you are. Special thanks goes to my Italian landlady, Gianna, who cared and believed in me, while I began this little ‘love book’.

My love, roger



I believe we can learn to listen, by going within, past all our hurt and pain, to a power that can direct us to our highest good

If we listen to ourselves, we can go past our hurt and feel love for all our emotional ages. We nurture a wise loving inner parent that in turn can create a genius child that loves life.

I love ‘how’ to learn and to do something new that makes life hum with love of life. The ‘why?’ may take some time to surface in me, yet is already known to me, by my intuitive soul that is connected to a source of wisdom beyond my existence.

“I believe, when we choose to ‘feel love’ we are ‘being love’. This love guides us to heal, to touch, to open the unseen portals of love and be inspired to live the miracle we were designed for.”

When your life hits dark times, when you feel rejected, abused, thrown away and you want to hide – then this little book is written from my heart to help you return to ‘feel love’ and ‘be love’.

We have the capacity to find deep love inside us, a quality that frees us to love life even when tough. Especially now when dictators are in power and right and left wing fascism is raising its unloved, ugly head. We can halt this by loving ourselves and touching others with healing love.

We always have a choice!
As I write this little book I do my best to live in the flow and power of ‘NOW’ and I call this energy, very simply, a choice to ‘feel love and be love’!

“I love the powerful affirmation shared by a young lady:

“My thoughts are full of love!” and she added: “I observe huge positive change in my relationships.”

My intention is to write as I feel love, with an empathy that hopefully attracts your increasing ability to ‘feel love’ and so explore the truth of your capacity to be love in every aspect of your unique life.

I will be assisted by two wise and loving souls, and many more, but the two I want to mention now are the beautiful illustrations from John Welding and the spiritual parables and stories from Bill Darlison.