Heart Thought for Louise Hay

My heart is trembling with love and grief for Louise Hay. Today Louise passed onto her next life, peacefully.

Her teachings helped millions of souls across the world to become free powerful spirits, radiating love in all its colours, to help set spirits free to love themselves and life. I love all her work and fine teachings, and I will do my best to embody her wisdom and carry on such work of love, in my small way.

Blessings and hugs to all at Hay House.
My tears of heart love radiate with her inner & outer beauty.
I feel her love flying through all hearts open and ready for growth.
May this world be ready to transform through love.
My love Roger King (30 August 2017)

“I work with abused and traumatised men and women. I take them from survival mode into living mode where they find their wisdom, courage and inner power to create new beliefs to build a beautiful life. I Skype all over the world.” – Roger King

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