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"I work with abused and traumatised men and women. I take them from survival mode into living mode
where they find their wisdom, courage and inner power to create new beliefs to build a beautiful life.
I Skype all over the world." - Roger King

Skype: roger.king27


Mobile: 07776 426168

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Dance for Life - Birthday Celebration
Sunday 9 April 2017 (download flyer here)


The more we can be directed to better health in mind, body and soul, increasingly we can be directed to more prosperity in every area of our life, in relationships, where we live, work and lifestyle balance and of course money.

Once we make the decision to grow our awareness and positively vibrate in thought, word and deed, we will transform our lives (more...)


"Time listening to others gives meaning to me and hopefully others. In approaching 3 score years and 10,
I am determined to invest time, meeting and listening to [may be lost] souls, who want to find meaning and purpose in a rather uncertain world. (more...)

Generating Power for Personal Change

People often ask me; how do you work with souls who are searching for self?

The way I work is to be real, as a person. I do my best never to treat the person before me as an object,
or be the so called 'expert'. If I do, I become part of the problem and become an obstacle to that person's
growth. I do my best not to label or categorise, if I can help it. (more...)

I am currently at a Winter Retreat to write my next book...
I will still be offering personal counselling/coaching while I am in Tenerife, from January to end of March
2017. If there are no Jive classes I can teach/DJ whilst there. I just love to dance.

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Mobile DJ for Hire

Listen to Roger reading from his book - Love The Miracle You Are

(Re-coded Aug 2016)


Love The Miracle You Are
Warrior Love

Warrior Love is a challenge to us all. Roger’s personal vision is to assist you to create a world where it is safe for us all to love each other.

Roger's book
(find out more...)
Warrior Love by Roger King
I love to be an encourager

I know when I began saying positive affirmations, I thought the opposite 'it won't work' (which is an affirmation in itself) or 'they are not deep enough, even dangerous. 'Using Positive Affirmations requires learning an intuitive heart opening climate of trust and an inner belief and an intention that is deep in mind, heart, body and soul.

The more I found if I sang my affirmation, repeating it with a dance or having friends give me an 'affirmation bath' I watched the miracles happen from the universe. Resistance to love, forgiveness and staying on the path to a more enlightened way, come in many guises. I know I can be 'tricky' with my criticism and wanting immediate results. I needed to be innocent as a child and wise as a sage to know the power of my words. In the past I wanted to make everything complex, it was a form of protection if the affirmation went wrong.

That's why looking into a mirror shows me whether I really mean the affirmation. My inner eye reveals my real belief and intention. It also reveals my old habits of thinking like a survivor of old conditioning. The inner discipline of love requires words from a spiritual tongue that no longer fears, doubts or blames, or is worried by what others think. The universe tests us to really see whether our intention comes from fear or love. My favourite affirmation at present is: "I radiate love wherever I go." It is simple and hums in my heart. My mind however, can complicate this powerful thought. Now I laugh at how funny I am at not deserving the experience of "radiating love wherever I go!"

PS I send out positive thoughts each day, if you want one send me your mobile. (See contact page for my number).


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